Daily Bread Bakery

814 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Forsyth, Illinois 62526
Phone 217-520-4130

R. L. DeJaynes


Bakers Dozen
Baking is Life & Love
 I have been involved in cooking and baking for almost sixty years. My earliest recollections are standing on a chair or step-stool by my mom or grandmother, "helping" them. I'm not sure it was always much help, but they never said otherwise.
Grandma Lottie was super patient with all her grandkids. She would turn me loose with ingredients and instructions (she seldom used recipes) and I would do my best to make something. I always did, but it wasn't always good. Still, she and Grandpa Pete ate it and never said a word. As I got better at it, they were always quick to compliment. Grandma was one of the two best cooks I ever knew--the other being my mom.
Mom was more reserved. Her guidance was strong and silent, less exuberant than Grandma, but still positive. Between the two of them, I received all the basics of cooking and baking and, more importantly, a love of the kitchen and all the wonderful things that happen there.

Grandma Lottie Hutchins Martin

My Mom, Rosalin Joan Martin DeJaynes

Crusty Cuttle--Sourdough--Multi-Grain
Foccacia--Pain de Provence--Onion
Dill--Olive & Cheese--Rosemary Braid

and many more (see menu)

A Few Scenes from the Bakery...